Product Manager Toolkit

You don’t need a Roadmap, you need Options. You don't need a Backlog, you need Bets. The Product Manager Toolkit gives teams the Tools to achieve their Desired Outcome.

A product pitch emerges from applying Discovery, Delivery, and Strategy tools.

There are three sections of the board:

  1. Worked Example: see the tools in action.
  2. Explanations: step-by-step guide to apply the tools yourself.
  3. Templates: copy and paste to apply these tools immediately.

To get started, you can:

  1. Explore the board on your own, including with the Toolkit Navigator.
  2. Watch a video walkthrough, which is focused on Discovery.
  3. Apply the tools in your own board by copying and pasting the templates. Hyperlinked is the discovery template.

The Toolkit is co-published by Zack Burgess and Matt Lane. We synthesize work from Teresa Torres and Ryan Singer.

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