Musings of the last year.

With fall settling in and a recent birthday, reflection called:

  1. Internet relationships are fragile. Nurture the mood of the video calls and message boards.
  2. Schedule two hour blocks for undistracted work. Cleaning a dish or walking the block > checking your phone or email.
  3. Batch your communication. We are used to instant responses, but others adjust quickly to your cadence. They may even like responding with settled emotions.
  4. You don't need all the information to move forward - identify what you need right now.
  5. Choose a manager with deep expertise in your field. It is hard to interview for personality fit, so optimize for mutual respect.
  6. Contract-to-hire positions are like internships, great for pivoting careers and trying new cultures.
  7. When influencing without authority, reduce decision burden. E.g., if you want to interview someone, share a couple exchanges and say 'if you'd like to share your story, I can set some time together.' Easy to say yes.
  8. Habitually think of trade-offs; every decision has them.
  9. Think big, work small. Nail the details and tell a story.
  10. When influencing without authority, understand the situation before making an ask. You spend precious social capital saying 'will you just do x'.
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